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Falun Gong: An Ancient Tradition for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Falun Gong is an ancient Chinese spiritual discipline in the Buddhist tradition. It consists of moral teachings, a meditation, and four gentle exercises that are a truly unique and highly enjoyable way to improve your health and energy levels.


Comrade Confucius?


A Deeper Connection


Blood on Bo Xilai’s Hands

On February 6, 2012, Wang Lijun, the former police chief for the megacity Chongqing, walked into a U.S. Consulate in southwest China to seek political asylum, setting off one of the biggest scandals in Chinese politics in decades.


Minghui International: Special Edition

The articles contained in Minghui International provide you with a unique insight into modern China, its impact on the rest of the world and the ways in which the Falun Gong story lies at the heart of the Middle Kingdom. The story is an incredible mix of beauty, terror, and hope. It is one that impacts and touches lives everywhere.


Unlikely Heros

In tens of thousands of homes, basements, and other locales throughout China, Falun Gong practitioners make not only fliers, leaflets, and newspapers, but also banners, CDs, and DVDs. The items are distributed throughout most every city and village across China, often under the cover of darkness.


A Systematic Suppression of 100 Million People

It began in the middle of the night, July 20, 1999. Across China under the veil of darkness, police dragged hundreds of ordinary people from their beds. Many would be taken to holding centers and jails, others beaten, and some would die from torture.


Culture Bearers

Ask the typical American what he or she associates with “Chinese culture,” and you’re apt to get a range of replies. Kung-fu panda. Tea. Calligraphy. The Great Wall. Confucius. Mulan. Yet what’s absent from most everyone’s list is arguably the most dramatic and important embodiment of Chinese culture existing today: Falun Gong.


Think You Know About Falun Gong? Think Again...

Before reading this article, you most likely knew Falun Gong as a group of meditators that are being imprisoned and tortured in China. That’s true, of course. But without understanding four critical points, it’s difficult to fathom the lengths of deceit, manipulation, and violence that Party officials have gone to in their efforts to crush this peaceful group.


Positively Well

For Carrie Dobson, simply climbing out of bed was a struggle. Much less getting dressed, or making it through the day. Half her body had lost sensation...but as fate would have it, Dobson’s solution was right in her own backyard—or park, as it turned out. And it didn’t cost a cent.

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